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Have you and your group of mates been bitten with the wine-tour bug? Then, no wonder that all of you are desperately looking for venturing into wineries and wine breweries. Then what is stopping you guys? Oh! Is it the transportation option that you are worried about? Well, then the days of your worrying has finally come to end as we offer wine tour party bus services. Yes, you heard us right, no need to worry over your big groups of friends when you go to explore the wineries with us.

In case you’re wondering whether opting for a bus would be a right decision for going on a wine tour or not, here are some solid reasons that you should opt for a wine tour bus. Let’s have a look:

  • You get to stay together: When you hire a car, enjoying a wine tour together with a big group of friends can be never be achieved. The very plus point of opting for our party bus can be the fact that you get to stay together. Isn’t it the ultimate objective of venturing into a daylong wine tour that you will get to enjoy every moment with your friends?
  • No worries about driving back: Are you and your friends are concerned about drinking and driving? Well, then we take care of that part too. When you drive a group of friends by yourself, you never get to fully indulge in wine tasting; as there’s the constant worry lingers at some corner of your mind that if you drink too much, how you will drive back home safely?

But with our party buses, every one of your group can drink and party worry-free, as it is our responsibility to drop you safely from where you began the tour.

  • Cost cut short: With our party buses, not only that you can enjoy to the fullest, but it also helps you to stay within your budget. When you book a bus for a large group over hiring multiple cars for the same group to fit in comfortable, the cost automatically reduces. Polus, we offer our party bus services at the most reasonable prices.
  • Enhanced travel experience: Our party buses being custom designed, you get to enjoy a wine tour in the best possible way with fun unlimited. You’re on a tour with your buddies and there won’t be any dancing, singing, Well, it’s hard to imagine. And to offer you the best facilities for comfort and enjoyments, we offer party buses with dance floor, music, and even lighting. So why wait for the destination to start having fun? Simply get on the bus with your friends and let the fun begin!

Well, well, well, now that you have known the benefits of opting for our party bus hire Perth service, ‘hurray’ will definitely be the right word to give your exhilaration a word.   And we don’t want this excitement of yours to come to a halt. So, give us a call right away, get a price quote for free and book the wine tour bus to enjoy the most memorable wine tour with your buddies.