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Are you looking for a party bus with a karaoke machine and a microphone? If yes then you have come to the right place. We have a party bus rental with a karaoke machine and microphone installed and we know it’s a lot of fun. Our 45 seater and 20 seater party bus is a super cool bus and all our customers love it. Please note karaoke bus rental is available only upon request. If you don’t let us know then you don’t expect to get it. So let us know before booking.

Bus Features:

  • 45 Seater Party Bus
  • Karaoke machine and microphone
  • I pad to read the songs
  • Lots of space
  • Fully Air-conditioned
  • Super good sound system
  • Limo style seats ( sideways seating )
  • Aux Cable – we have a new iPhone aux cable too
  • Bluetooth
  • USB ports
  • 5 dance poles
  • Special led lights
  • U shape lounge at the back

How Much We Charge for A Karaoke Bus?

  • Option 1 – 20 seater karaoke bus and it will cost you minimum $ 350 for one way transfer
  • Option 2 – The 45 seater cool karaoke party bus hire with poles. This bus is super popular as it has lots of space. Customers tend to enjoy more in this bus. Price to hire this bus will be $ 450 minimum