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There’s absolutely no better way for a group of mates to travel to and from a festival or concert than on a private party bus from Party Bus Hire Perth. We have a young fleet of spectacular party buses of different sizes at the cheapest prices in Perth. Don’t worry about drinking. Don’t worry about where to park. Don’t worry about trying to get taxis. Just charter a fun bus or minibus with an experienced driver and you get in the mood with the right music from the moment you board your party bus!

Festival / Concerts Bus Hire

Concerts and festivals are events you usually attend with a group of friends, which often involve crowds, drinking and/or late nights, where no one really wants to be the designated driver, and where parking may be difficult and expensive.

So what do you do about transport?

Chartering a fun party bus or minibus with driver is the way to go – and the way to come back!

Our Party Buses are Perfect for Events!

Party Bus Hire Perth is a local bus company with a fleet of party buses of different sizes. With our minibuses, we can accommodate small groups of up to 13 people, while our larger buses cater for groups of 20, 30 and even up to 45 people.

Our party buses are perfect for going to gigs. They have dark tinted windows and amazing sound and light systems! The busses have convenient half limo-style seating, huge dance floors (except in our minibuses), a smoke machine and much more. Your big night out to a concert or festival doesn’t start when you arrive at the venue – the party starts from the moment you board our awesome party bus!

Get in the mood of the concert or festival by playing the artists’ greatest hits or some forgotten songs from older albums. Or watch a DVD of one of their earlier concerts on the TV screens in the bus. With our AUX/USB/Bluetooth/iPod/Iphone connections and DVD players, you can bring your own DVDs, digital albums and playlists to blast through our speakers. Get moving to the music on the dance floor and you’ll be at the concert venue before you know it!

Our drivers are safe, experienced drivers who love to have fun and help you create a party atmosphere on the bus.

One-Way or Return Bus Transfers in Perth

You can charter one of our party buses for single transfer or a round-trip, i.e. to get your group to the concert or festival venue and then back again at the end of the night.

If you don’t choose return transfers to get to and from the festival or concert, but are only considering a bus charter for a one-way trip, we suggest making that the return trip.

It’s always a bit chaotic with thousands of people trying to leave at the same time, looking for a taxi or making their way to their car or public transport. What a hassle, and what an annoying way to end a great night!

After rocking it out at a fantastic concert of festival, many of you are probably tired and perhaps under the influence of alcohol. No one wants to have to think about how to get home after that. And you don’t have to.

If you’ve booked your transport with Party Bus Hire Perth, you won’t have to jostle or stand in a queue for hours or worry about anything else. When the concert ends, your private party bus will be ready and waiting for your group at the designated time and place.

You simply board the bus and off we go, continuing the on-board after-party while our driver makes sure everyone gets back safely to the agreed drop-off point.

Fun, Cheap Transport with Party Bus Hire Perth

Party bus hire doesn’t have to be expensive. At Party Bus Hire Perth, it certainly isn’t. Did you know that, depending on things like the size of your group and how far we need to drive, the price per person for a one-way group transfer in our amazing party bus starts from as little as $10?

Party Bus Hire Perth prides itself in keeping its prices low. In fact, our prices are the lowest in Perth. We guarantee it. Read more about our party bus pricing.

Don’t forget to book your party bus well in advance, particularly for popular concerts and events, to ensure you don’t miss out!

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