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Got a special birthday coming up? Or just a regular one? Take all your friends out on a rocking party bus from Party Bus Hire Perth! Or arrange a surprise party for your brother or your bestie by inviting all their friends and taking them on a fun day out on one of our brand-spanking-new party buses. It’s actually a cheap way to get around and much more exciting than taxis, limos or regular buses or minibuses. Our fleet of party buses have amazing light and sound systems. Party on!

Birthday Party Bus Hire Perth

Making plans for your birthday? Organising a surprise party for a friend or family member? We have the perfect idea for that special day: taking all your friends out for a trip on a spectacular party bus from Party Bus Hire Perth!

Forget about yet another boring birthday in the backyard, someone’s basement or the local park. No one remembers those. They all blend together into one vague memory.

Riding around in a dazzling party bus with tinted windows, with the music absolutely pumping, disco lights flashing, smoke machine going and everyone busting their moves on the dancefloor on the bus, is an awesome way to celebrate!

Our party buses have the best sound systems, AUX/USB/Bluetooth input and TVs with DVD so you can even show a slideshow or video of the birthday boy or girl.

Sure, hiring a limo for your birthday group can be fun, but it has limited features and is quite expensive. Besides, you can only take a handful of friends on a limo, and who has ever heard of dancing and swirling around dance poles in a limousine? Don’t think so.

Party Bus Hire Perth can handle groups of all sizes. We have a fleet of buses to suit smaller groups or large groups up to 40 or more people.

Party Buses – Fun for All Ages

Maybe you’re taking a whole group of friends out for a special birthday, like an 18th, 21st., 25th, 40th or 50th or whatever. But even birthdays without a special number are worth celebrating in style. It’s a legitimate excuse each year to get all your friends and close family members together for a fun party, right?

And our party buses are fun for everyone, regardless of age! Many of our customers are between 18 and 35, but we cater to young and old and can ensure everyone has a great time. Even a group of teenage friends will have an absolute blast on our bus – we predict those smartphones will come out pretty quickly for series of selfies with besties on our amazing dance club on wheels!

And because you can bring and play your own music, you can set the tone and atmosphere you want for your moving party. Trip down memory lane with music from the 80s and 90s? Sure! In fact, why not ask for our party bus with the karaoke machine and sing along with all your favourites?

our Moving Birthday Party

You can hire our party bus for a set number of hours and simply get driven around, partying on the bus. Our friendly, experienced driver will drop everyone back off safely at the end of the trip.

Alternatively, you can hire our party bus as a fun mode of transport to any venue of choice with your group. Maybe you’d like to go pub crawling or visit a restaurant or winery. Not a problem.

At Party Bus Hire Perth, we’re happy to work with your schedule and plans and accommodate any special wishes you may have. It’s YOUR party. You can bring all YOUR friends, play YOUR music and be driven to the venue or venues of YOUR choice.

Hiring a Party Bus – Cheaper than a Limo!

Have you ever hired a party bus before? Or a limo? You may have a rough idea of prices. We can tell you that chartering a party bus, because of its size and the number of people it holds, works out way more cost-effective than hiring a limo.

Did you realise that, depending on how many people are in your group and how many hours you hire the party bus, the price per head can be as little as $10? How good is that!

Party Bus Hire Perth wants to make this fun way to party on the move accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we’re keeping our prices very low. The lowest in Perth, in fact. Read more about our party bus pricing.

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