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Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of Perth, you must have heard about Northbridge, the inner suburb of the city. Being a place full of fascinating modern art galleries, awesome eateries, a number of Asian boutiques and exciting night out destinations, Northbridge attracts everyone. If you’re one of those who is willing to explore this cultural hub, only five minutes away from Perth, but confused about the transport options, then know that Party Bus Hire Perth is there to assist you. Yes, if you’re traveling with a small group and want to experience Northbridge together, then our mini bus hire Perth is what you need.

No matter whether it’s the art galleries you wish to spend your time visiting or want to party whole night in Northbridge, our minibus service can be the ideal means of transport. Helping you to travel in style, our minibus offers maximum comfort for the lowest of prices. No need to deal with all the confusions and agitations of hiring an Uber or taxi to fit your small group in; as long our minibuses are here traveling in small groups can be the most pleasant experience.

Taking you anywhere you wish to go to, our minibuses come fully equipped with a top-quality sound system, excellent air conditioning, and many other great features. While the tinted windows of the minibuses help maintain your privacy, the laser strobe and LED lighting systems help to create the perfect on-wheels party environment. Letting you connect your smartphones with the sound systems, our minibuses let you enjoy your favorite music while traveling. Our skilled and trained drivers are also there to ensure your safety and comfort always.

So, next time you plan a visit to Northbridge with your small group, make it a point to opt for our mini bus charter Perth service for a frustration-free, economical and safe travel experience. Our quality mini bus service is there to help you with your traveling and thus assisting you to make the most of your visit to this inner-city suburb, the cultural hub of Perth. So, pick up your phone and give us a call to book your mini bus ride to Northbridge right away!