Know Why Mini Bus Hire Perth Is Better Than a Van

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Finding a reliable and comfortable transport can be very difficult at times. If you are a frequent traveler, this problematic situation will not be unknown to you. And when you’re traveling with a small group, the number of additional members of your group often limits your options for transportation even more. But, with our mini bus charter Perth neither you have to worry about your transport options nor you have to settle for an uncomfortable journey in a van.

Here are the perks of opting for our minibus service than any other normal van for small group transportation.

Offers more space

More space means more passengers and more storage capacity. Due to the basic difference in the structure and size, more passengers can fit in our mini busses than in a van. Plus, the way our minibus lets you and your group members transport items in the overhead storage bins it features, the van can never give you that kind of storage space.

Offers a safer ride

Due to the construction differences, again a minibus tends to provide a safer riding experience than a van. Plus, our knowledgeable and skilled drivers ensure that your safety and comfort always stay on our priority list.

Offers more amenities

Unlike any van, our 13 seater mini bus comes equipped with laser and LED lighting system, phone, and iPod connectivity, tinted windows, quality sound system, air conditioning and TV displays. Getting on our minibus means you are all set to party on board while traveling.

Offers maximum comfort

If you compare the hire charge of our minibus to a normal van, you’ll realize that the minibus lets you sit more comfortably than a van for the same price. Providing a more relaxing experience to its passengers, the comfy bucket seats of our mini-buses are much more comfortable than that of the bench seats that a van typically comes fitted with.

So next time you think about traveling in a small group you know whom to call. Whether it’s a church event, or attending a wedding, sports competitions, or wine tours, school outings or simply heading into the city from the airport, our premium quality party bus hire Perth is only one call away from you!