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Our 13-Seater Mini Bus is the perfect transport option for small groups for a wide range of events. If you’re heading into the city or Northbridge at night, ride in style and make sure the party doesn’t stop on the way there. We can take you out to your day at the races or into the beautiful swan valley for a wine tour. Save time, money and frustration dealing with taxi’s or Uber by booking a small bus to transport your group to a festival or social event. Our 13-Seater is the perfect size for A to B trips or event pick-ups, we can take you anywhere you’d like to go!

We provide a premium service where your comfort and enjoyment are our top priority. This small charter bus can also be booked for as airport transfers between the domestic & international terminals and your residence. Book in advance and know that you can enjoy yourself at your event with your ride ready to take you there and home.

Bus Features:

  • Excellent Sound System: Even though this is our smallest bus, it packs a punch with high quality sound and bass.
  • iPod & Phone Connectivity: Be your own DJ and play your own music through our system using AUX, USB or Bluetooth. You have control and can set the mood for your trip.
  • Lighting System: Our buses lights will change in beat with your music. Including LED/laser strobe party lights.
  • TV Displays: Bring a DVD and show photo reels or video to celebrate someone’s birthday or anything else you’d like to put on for the whole bus.
  • Tinted windows: Your party stays private and you don’t need to worry about the public peeking into your great time.
  • Great Air Conditioning: Your comfort is our top priority, beat the heat of stuffy old buses in our climate controlled mini bus. There’s nothing worse than being in a stuffy old bus in the heat!